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RESTORE & Nourish Your Skin

Our formulas have no paraffin, no petroleum, no mineral oil, no harsh chemicals, and are plant-based, cruelty-free, and blended with organic essential oils. 

Our body butter is natural and typically has a 12-month shelf life when unopened.  We suggest refrigerating unused products or keeping them in a cool environment specifically if you are located in a warm humid climate.

Turmeric Shea Butter​​

Turmeric butter reduces dark circles, reduces stretch marks, fights off acne, works as an anti-inflammatory, and soothes dry skin, and skin flare-ups such as; psoriasis and eczema.  Shea butter provides all essential vitamins that help make skin look and feels smoother, softer, and more vibrant.  It nourishes and protects against harsh weather and sun.  Turmeric Shea Butter can be applied to the scalp and is perfect for conditioning the hair!

Brown Sugar Scrubs: Video

What are the Best Practices for Longer Shelf Life? 

This product may melt in extreme heat, 90+ degree temperature.  We recommend refrigeration before use during very hot summer months if you do not use A.C.   In addition, sometimes if an all-natural product is placed in two different extreme environments (hot)  causing it to melt or the oils to separate.  To fix this, carefully melt to liquid by placing the jar in bowl of hot water or microwave on low for 30-40 secs, then stir (checking to make sure the jar does not melt). Lastly, let cool down before placing in the refrigerator to solidify again.  The butter will return to its original smooth buttery texture.

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