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Turmeric is known as the "golden child" of spices, turmeric is revered for its anti-inflammatory properties that combat blemishes, wrinkles, and dark spots.


Shea Butter helps skin retain moisture, which makes it soft and smooth.


Kojic acid is a powerful skin-brightener, that lightens scars, and lightly exfoliates to reduce pigmentation, dark spots/inner thighs, and evening-out skin tone. 


Leave it on for 30 seconds, then rinse it with water.


Suitable for all skin types, our soap is the perfect addition to your face or body skincare routine.




Shea Butter

Turmeric Powder

Kojic Acid

Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Vegetable Glycerine

Brightening Turmeric Shea + Kojic Acid Bar

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