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3B's to Branding

Brand Strategy (the discovery, competitor research, target audience) is the 1st step of creating a brand from start to finish (whether you are just starting or already established / revamping).  It is the road map that sets you above your competitors in the same industry.  Brand strategy is the most important process in building your brand and is usually overlooked because design and marketing is started first.

Brand Identity (logo - colors and font, website design, content, advertising, print and packaging).  It conveys visuals, communication, and how your brand becomes recognizable to the public eye.  Your identity will speak for itself (what is the brand saying, what are the values, how it is communicated, and how customers react or interact with it).

Brand Marketing (tells the story) links the identity with the brand and brings awareness.  It is most effective for developing repeat customers.  The focus is the BRAND!  

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