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 Natural Blend has become synonymous with providing education on natural products that benefits the skin, beard, and hair.  All of our products are 100% natural! 


During the Covid Pandemic of 2019, Natural Blend Cosmetics revamped the entire skincare line by offering more products that would help hydrate and add moisture to the skin. The driving force to becoming an all-natural company was mainly due to family members being hospitalized due to Covid-19.  The medications affected their skin and hair, so we went to work formulating products that could be used on sensitive skin, lighten scars, help with acne, and overall bring that natural glow back.

Our Turmeric Shea butter (is excellent for skin rashes, eczema, sensitive skin, etc). The brown sugar scrubs help to exfoliate dead skin cells from the outer skin, and all of our natural soaps hydrate, exfoliate and add moisture to the skin.


The Black Nugget (men's brand) was created with the "Working Man" in mind.  Each natural soap and skin whipp (Shea butter) has a masculine scent designed to engage and attract, not overpower.  The beard oils, soften, grow, and tame your hair.  The oils can also be used on your scalp to help grow follicles.  

Go ahead, give it a try!  You'll love it!



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Natural deodorant



Aluminum & Paraben Free


Natural Blend natural deodorants keep you fresh and neutralize odor with natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot, baking soda, beeswax, and essential oils.  Formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and go on smooth.

Natural deodorant inhibits your body’s natural secretion of toxins, and helps to prevent odor by keeping natural bacteria from mixing with the salt and water on the skin while allowing your body to sweat the way it should!