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Black Nugget was created with the "Working Man" in mind.  The beard oils and balms, soften, grow, and tame your hair.  The oils can also be used on your scalp to help grow follicles.  The beard shampoo thoroughly cleans, freshens, conditions, and fragrances the beard and mustache hair.  The conditioner nourishes and softens the beard and mustache hair, leaving you with facial hair that looks shiny and refreshed.  The beard products have a masculine scent designed to engage and attract, not overpower.

Working Man - Skin Whipp (Shea Butter from Ghana) is a rich body moisturizer designed to hydrate the skin while protecting it from environmental assault.  It is made with Organic Unrefined Shea Butter ideal for the driest parts of the body, and Turmeric Butter which is an anti-inflammatory soothes dry skin, and flare-ups such as; psoriasis and eczema, and brings the skin back to its natural state.

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